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How we work


Understand your goals and integrate your operational needs to combine strategy, structure and system to get results you want.


Audience Personas



Innovative Solutions

Outline the concept to align with the needs of your audience. Maximise the usage of marketing solutions for sustainability and effectiveness.

Define your audience



Design & Development


Create multi-channel to meet your audience and build your community.

Social Media Strategy

Influencers, KOLs, KOCs

Digital Advertising O2O

Electronic Press Release

Trade Online Solution

+AR served:

+AR served:

Start with strategy clarification

In order to recommend the most suitable solution, we will spend time exploring your needs and potential return from your work.

Explore marketing solutions that fulfil your goal

We work towards maximizing results and cost effectiveness to meet your goals – explore different options to meet your budget.

Confirm project process management

Our team will brief you through the process of the project and explain the timeline which we are able to achieve the maximum outcome with highest efficiency.

Your company cross-border marketing journey begins

A mutual agreed timeline will be created and action takes place combining creative work, programming, campaign marketing.

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